Bakery Industry

List of Products
1Cake DisplayFoshan Haiyao Frozen Equip.Co.Ltd. China--------AS PER P/L ----
2MixerFenghua Dingxin Food Machinery China --------AS PER P/L ----
3Plastic PalletSupremeIndia----------------
4Plastic CrateSupremeIndia----------------
5Bread Mixes PuratosIndia--------AS PER P/L ----
6Cake MixesTropolite/Puratos India --------AS PER P/L ----
7Soya Flour Full FatRuchi / Ambuja India --------1-3% ----
8Wheat GlutenAnte Anhui Group China--------1-3% View File
9Bread ImproversPanox Puratos --------0.3 TO 0.5% ----
10Glaze (Mix Fruit Flavours)Tropolite / Puratos India--------P/L ----
11Fruit Fillings / Syrups / CompoundsOsterbergIndia--------P/L ----
12Pan FrootiA One 60 % Trishul Ancilliary ----------------
13Red Cherry/Pineapple Slice Golden Crown/Fruitin'SHolyland/Vidya Sagar --------AS PER P/L ----
14Glazed Cherry KarondaGolden Crown India --------AS PER P/L ----
15Butter (Salted & Un Salted)Farmer Fresh Alpha Food,India Industrial Pack ------------
16Butter (Salted & Un Salted)Nova Sterling Agro Consumer Pack,Chiplet ------------
17Butter (Salted & Un Salted)Nova Sterling Agro Consumer Pack ------------
18Bakery Spl Fats/MargarineLite Bos Cargill India Butter Oil Substitute ----AS PER P/L View File
19Bakery Spl Fats/MargarineNature Fresh Professional Cargill India Fats For Cookies /Puff/Cake ----AS PER P/L View File
20Rbd Vegetable Cooking OilAlba/Other Ngo Chew Hong, Mly Rbd Palm Olein ------------
21Rbd Vegetable Cooking OilChiefSime Darby Kempas, Mly Rbd Palm Olein ------------
22Bakery Shortening AeratedAlba Sh 39 / Sh44 Ngo Chew Hong, Spore (Spl Use For Creaming In Biscuit / Cookies ) ------------
23Bakery Shortening (General Purpose)Trikey Palm Vegetop,Mly ----------------
24Bakery Shortening (General Purpose)AlbaNgo Chew Hong, Mly ----------------
25Bakery Shortening (General Purpose)Kembake Ap 38/40Sime Darby Kempas, Mly ----------------
26Cake MargarineSunbeamSime Darby Kempas, Mly Cream & Baking --------View File
27Puff & Patties MargarineSunbeamSime Darby Kempas, Mly Light Kharis --------View File
28Sugar FreeSweetosEnsign Health Care,India ----------------
29Ascorbic Acid----China/Uncoated ----------------
30Marzipan Germany/ Holland Imported----------------
31Milk PreparationPrime Trishul Ancilliaryi ----------------
32Milk Preparation Trishul Trishul Ancilliaryi----------------
33Skimmed Milk Powder Farmer FreshAlpha Food,India ----------------
34Skimmed Milk PowderNova SpecialIndia----------------
35Condensed MilkBlue Cow / F & NMalaysia----------------
36Cake Gel Ornate Estelle, Inida----------------
37Liquid GlucoseSukhjitIndia----------------
38Liquid GlucoseSukhjitIndia----------------
39Bakery Ingredients Puratos IndiaFillings/Bread /Cake Mixes & Improvers---- P/L----
40Bakery Ingredients Tropolite IndiaCake Mixes & Non Dairy Cream---- P/LView File
41Sodium Bicarbonate Any Brand / TataChina / India------------View File
42Ammonium BicarbonateChang China------------View File
43A. Cocoa Powder 10-12 %Gcb/Jb 800-11, Jb 850-11Gcb/Jb Cocoa, Malaysia------------View File
44Compound (Chocolate)/Chips MordeIndiaDark Plain / Milk / White----P/L----
45Coconut Powder High Fat PalmoIndiaShree Ram Coconut India------------
46Coconut Powder High FatElite ProductIndiaAnchor Elite Product India------------
47Coconut Powder Low FatAny BrandSrilanka / Malaysia/ India----------------
48Corn Flour Raj BrandTrishul Ancilliary----------------
49Icing Sugar Raj Brand/PrimeTrishul Ancilliary----------------
50Custard Powder Raj Brand Trishul Ancilliary ----------------
51Baking PowderRaj Brand Trishul Ancilliary ----------------
52Instant Dry YeastRekordLessafre, China -------- 50% OF FYView File
53Instant Dry YeastVictoria Belgium--------40% OF FY----
54Xtendra Bake MagicCamlinIndia Anti Microbial (Cakes & Muffins)----0.2-0.4%----
55Xtendra Bakers BreadCamlinIndiaAnti Microbial ( Bread ,Bun )---- 0.3 -0.5 %----
56Acetic AcidJubiliant OrganicsIndia--------0.05%----
57Calcium PropionateFine OrganicsIndia Antimold---- UPTO 0.35%View File
58Refill Pack For Cake D?corTropolite India------------View File
59Cake D?cor (Spray Colour For Cake )Tropolite India------------View File
60Food ColoursIFFIff India--------P/L----
61Food ColoursPremium ColourNarmada, India--------P/LView File
62Aromas Flavor Color With FlavorTropoliteIndia------------View File
63Coconut Powder – NRaj Brand Trishul Ancilliary ------------View File
64Perfect Vanilla Powder (Sweet & Creamy)CamlinIndiaCakes /Biscuits/ Icecream Etc.----0.1-0.2%----
65Vanilla PowderRaj BrandTrishul Ancilliary ------------View File

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