Biscuits Industry

List of Products
1RewinderNarendra/Authentic India ----------------
2Conveyor MachineAuthentic India ----------------
3Pagination MachineLeadjet China----------------
4Thermal Inkjet PrinterDomino Printech India ----------------
5Ink Jet PrinterDomino Printech India----------------
6Plastic PalletSupreme India ----------------
7Plastic CrateSupreme India ----------------
8Coconut OilTrikey Palm Vegetop,Mly ----------------
9Unsalted Sweet ButterFarmer Fresh / Nova India ----------------
10Palm Kernel OleinAlbaMly ----------------
11Special Fats (Cookies,Kharies & Rusk)Lite Bos (Butter Oil Substiute) Cargill India ----------------
12Special Fats (Cookies,Kharies & Rusk)Elite - Prem. Biscuit/Cookie Cargill India ----------------
13Special Fats (Cookies,Kharies & Rusk)Nature Fresh Classic - Puff Cargill India ----------------
14Rbd Vegetable Cooking OilAlba/Linda Ngo Chew Hong Mly ----------------
15Rbd Vegetable Cooking OilChiefSime Darby Kempas, Mly ----------------
16Filling CreamKemfill Ff35 Sime Darby Kempas, Mly ----------------
17Bakery Shortening AeratedAlba Sh 39 / Sh44 Ngo Chew Hong, Spore ----------------
18Bakery Shortening (General Purpose)Trikey Palm Vegetop,Mly --------20 KGS CTN ----
19Bakery Shortening (General Purpose)AlbaNgo Chew Hong, Mly --------20 KGS CTN ----
20Bakery Shortening (General Purpose)Kembake Ap 38/40 Sime Darby Kempas, Mly --------20 KGS CTN ----
21Sugar FreeSweetos Ensign Health Care,India ----------------
22Sweet Whey PowderImported Europe----------------
23Milk PreparationPrime Trishul Ancilliary ----------------
24Milk PreparationTrishulTrishul Ancilliary ----------------
25Skimmed Milk PowderFarmer Fresh Alpha Food,India ----------------
26Skimmed Milk PowderNova Special India----------------
27Citric Acid Monohydrate/AnhydrousEnsign/Union China----------------
28Glycerol Mono SterateEstelle Chemicals India ----------------
29Glycerol Mono SterateFine Organics India----------------
30Dextrose MonohydrateSukhjiIndia----------------
31Maize StarchC.G Agro Nepal----------------
32Maize StarchSukhjit India ----------------
33Invert SyrupBfp Nepal ----------------
34Liquid GlucoseSukhjit India ----------------
35Coconut Powder High FatPalmo Shree Ram Coconut India ----------------
36Coconut Powder High FatElite Product Anchor Elite Product India ----------------
37Coconut Powder Low FatAny Brand Srilanka / Malaysia/ India ----------------
38Sodium Meta BisulphateAny Brand India ----------------
39Sodium BicarbonateChina / Tata China ----------------
40Ammonium BicarbonateChang / Mangla China / India ----------------
41Dark Compound Chips/SlabMorde India --------12000 COUNTS/KG ----
42Alkalised Cocoa PowderSelbourne ,Dark Brown High Aroma Trishul Ancillery ----------------
43Alkalised Cocoa PowderMaxipan ,Med.Brown Rich Aroma Trishul Ancillery ----------------
44Alkalised Cocoa PowderGcb/Jb Mly ----------------
45Alkalised Cocoa PowderMordeIndia----------------
46Vitamin & Mineral PremixHexagon Nutritions Mumbai,India --------CUSTOMISED ----
47Caramel Ds (Liquid)Alvin Caramel India ----------------
48Antioxidant/Tbhq----------------100-200 PPM ----
49Malt ExtractImperial India ----------------
50Soya LecithinRuchi/Nimbus India/Nepal ----------------
51Food ColoursIff Iff , India ----------------
52Food ColoursSupre /Basic Colour Narmada, India ----------------
53Food ColoursPremium Colour Narmada, India ----------------
54Pure VanilinVanesse Camlin,India ----------------
55Ethyl VanilinEvanilCamlin,India ----------------
56FlavoursIff (Form.Bba) India----------------
57Papain Enzyme----India----------------
58Instant Dry YeastRekordLessafre, China --------50% OF FY ----
59Instant Dry Yeast VictoriaAlgrist Bruggeman, Belgium --------40% OF FY ----

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