Brownie Easy Variant | 4 Easy Step How to Make Brownie Cakes ?

4 Easy Step- How to Make Brownie cakes or pastries?

May 28, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group

4 Easy Step- How to Make Brownie cakes or pastries?

The king of desserts – Brownie, have you ever thought what makes it different from the regular chocolate cakes or pastries? A brownie or a chocolate brownie is an American dessert that has been recognized worldwide for its flavor and sweetness. Brownie is basically made up of chocolate/cocoa power, butter, flour, eggs and sugar. The texture of brownie is exactly between a soft cookie and cream cake. The exact thing that makes the brownie different from cake is the lack of presence of baking powder or baking soda in the brownie.

The Brownie Easy Variant to make an immediate mouthwatering dessert out of brownie requires premixes. A brownie premix is a combination of all the ingredients that is required to bake a brownie. The premix needs to be added in water and whisked properly to turn it into a smooth batter. The benefit and feature of this premix is:

  • Save preparation time by skipping the long process for baking the brownie.
  • Gives a perfect fluffy, textuary, soft and rich brownies.
  • Any brownie related dessert can be easily made within 30 minutes.
  • A perfect product for baking desserts at home.

There are 3 different variants of SwissBake Brownie Premix, namely:

  • Schoko Brownie Mix – It is a sponge type eggfree brownie mix which gives excellent and soft texture, one can add walnuts to make it a Walnut Brownie, Choco chips to make it a gooey brownie. It has a dark, intense and cakey taste.
  • Fudgy Brownie Mix – It is a dense, dark and gooey textured brownie which gives it an excellent flavour and melt in the mouth texture. One can add ingredients such as chocolate chips to make it even more fudgy.
  • Red Velvet Brownie Mix – It is a dense, dark and fudgy textured brownie which has a natural red velvet colour and excellent cheesy flavour. The red colour is derived from natural beetroot and cheesy flavour from parmesan cheese powder.

All of these are eggfree which helps to cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. All the above are best complemented with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. It has a shelf life of 9 months and comes in a 20 kgs bag with 1 kg primary packaging.

Ageno Bakery, Annapurna Bakery, Black Forest Bakery, Upper Crust, Taza Pauroti, Chocolate Wheels, bakers Den, are some of our customers for the above brownie mixes.


  • Swissbake Schoko Brownie Mix
  • Ice cream – Choice of your flavour
  • Morde Hot Chocolate Fudge
  • Veeba Caramel Topping
  • Sliced Strawberry
  • Morde Twin Compound Chips


Step 1: Bake the brownies using the Swissbake Schoko Brownie mix, the recipe is mentioned in the packet.. Let it cool and break the brownies into smaller pieces, and place them in a see-through bowl or wide glass.

Step 2: Add a few scoops of your favorite flavored ice cream and Morde Hot Chocolate Fudge.

Step 3: Let it set for a minute or two and then repeat to make another layer.

Step 4: Once it is set, top with more Morde chocolate fudge and Veeba caramel topping. Before serving decorate it with Morde twin compound chips and strawberry slices. As additional decorations – nuts, crushed pretzels, and fancy/chocolate strands can also be used.

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