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Who provides best bread improver in nepal

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May 19, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group
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Who provides best bread improver in nepal

A blend of various ingredients which activates the gluten and help produce gas that assists and improves the process of dough kneading and fermentations. It results in a lighter loaf with better keeping quality and texture. 

Typically, a bread improver consists of quantities of enzymes, emulsifiers and soya flour. Bread improver can improve the stability of dough during production, like improving the stability of dough during the fermentation process along with the anti-stirring property. It can also improve the heating stability of the dough, mainly in the volume of the finished product and improve the structure of the finished product. It also helps deepening the surface color of the breads or buns. The main benefit is that it helps in the extension of shelf life of the product and softness of the bread tissue. It also assists in improving the crispiness of the surface of bread. 

Sarawagi Groups, Nepal imports and supplies few varieties of bread improver from an international company ‘Swiss Bake”. Some of the high-quality bread improvers available at Sarawagi Groups are Enzy 300+, SB probake plus. 

  1. Enzy 300+ – It is an enzyme based bromate free bread improver that enhances crumb color and softness with better keeping quality and good baked volume of breads. It is a low dosage bread improver (0.1% – 0.3% of flour weight) that suits the industrial scale production of bread. This improver provides the best quality bread loaf under specific baking conditions with improved handling, baking performances, volume of bread and crumb texture. It comes in a 5 kgs packaging with 12 months of shelf life. 
  1. SB Probake Improver – This is a low dosage economical improver for mass productions of bread that imparts good volume and crumb texture of the bread. It is suitable for all kind of breads that improves over spring. It imparts good volume to the bread. It is made up of soya flour, starch, antioxidants and flour improvers. The dosage is as low as 0.05% – 0.1% of flour weight. This comes in a 1 kg packaging as consists 20 kgs in a sack. 
  1. SB Probake Plus Improver – It is a concentrate non bromated, enzyme based, low dosage improver for producing improved volume and fine textured bread. It’s extremely low dosage (The dosage is as low as 0.05% – 0.1% of flour weight.) make it highly suitable for industrial scale bakery usage which requires an economical improver. Key ingredients of this improver are soya flour, starch, flour improver and antioxidants. The dosage is as low as 0.05% – 0.1% of weight of flour. It provides uniform crumb texture and softness imparting good volume to the bread. It comes in a 1 kg packaging and contains 20 kgs in sack. 

These products are by a brand called Swiss Bake which is from Switzerland and manufactures at India. It is easily available at Sarawagi Groups, Balkhu.  

For more detail on the bread improver please visit us as: www.sarawagigroup.com.np 

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