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October 18, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group
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Don’t you like a little or a bit more of butter in you breakfast table every morning? Do you like it on your toast? Or a butter roll? Or a butter cube? No matter what shape or size or what form we like butter a little more.

Butter is a dairy product which is made from fat extracted from milk and cream. We all know, at room temperature butter is used as spread, melted as a condiment, and used as an ingredient in baking, pan frying, sauce making, and a lot of other cooking procedures.

Butter is generally made from cow’s milk, but can also be made from milk of other animals like sheep, goat, buffalo, yak, etc. It is made by churning cream (which is separated from milk) to separate the fat globules from the butter milk. Food additives like food color and salt are generally added to butter which also acts as a preservative. Butter remains in a solid form when refrigerated but softens to a spreadable consistency at room temperature and melts to a thin liquid at 32 to 35 degree Celsius. Butter is generally pale yellow in colour, but it varies from deep yellow to almost white. The natural or unmodified color of the butter depends upon the source of animals feed and its genetics.

Sarawagi groups, Nepal is supplying and distributing butter from two international companies I.e. D’lecta and Nova. D’lecta offers both salted and unsalted butter. D’lecta Extra dry Unsalted butter is made from 100% cow’s milk. This extra dry butter is mainly used for cooking and baking. When removed from frozen conditions, it becomes soft over time, hence it can be used in baking applications. It is generally Golden yellow in color. It is an extra dry butter with less moisture and 84% fat, and it contains no salt. Due to these properties it is one of the best available Unsalted Butter for authentic French Croissant. It is available in 500gms pack in a block and 30 pcs in a carton with a shelf life of 12 months under frozen condition.

Table butter or salted butter from D’lecta also comes in a 500gms pack in a block and contains 30pcs in a carton. It comes with a shelf life of 12 months under frozen condition. It is also made of pure cow’s milk and is golden yellow in color. It is rich in color, flavor, taste and aroma and is easily spreadable.

Another brand of butter that Sarawagi Group is supplying is Nova butter. Nova butter is manufactured by continuous butter making (CBM) method requiring a faster churning of cream to get the perfect butter texture. Nova butter is uniformly firm and easy to slice spread. It comes in two commercial packaging, one of 500gms and 100gms with shelf life of 12 months.

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