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Cheese And Its Varieties

July 5, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group
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Cheese And Its Varieties

Cheese is to the soul just as butter is to bread. Out of 7 types of cheese with 400 variety of cheeses what would you choose to eat? Spoilt for choices, right! Cheese can be found for over 400 in over variety all over the world. Cheese is a dairy product derived from milk with a variety of texture and flavors in it and it is widely used in a very high quantity across the globe. From amongst the 400 different varieties of Cheese available, below are the ones we have with us:

  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – It provides great stretch with excellent flavour/taste and has a good spread capability. It comes in 500 gms and 2 kg packing with a shelf life of 9 months, in a 12 kgs box. It is used by some of the top pizza chain outlets in Nepal such as Pizza World, Sierra, Jirreh Pizzas, Chimes Restaurant, Piano B and has also been appreciated by Roadhouse Café. The browning of the mozzarella is also great which can be used in all types of ovens such as wood fired or deck oven.
  • Frozen Diced Pizza Topping Cheese It is a similar product to shredded mozzarella however, it has a certain amount of vegetable fat instead of pure milk. It helps compete with economical range of mozzarellas such as some Indian and some local Nepali mozzarellas. It has a great stretch with excellent browning and superior taste. It comes in 1 kg packs in a 12 kgs box with 9 months of shelf life. It is to be stored under frozen condition. It is being used by Hotel Dayalu, BPN Pizza house, Hotel Pujan, Magic Bells, Balaz Pizza Heaven, Lazeez Pizza, Hotel Makalu, Hygenic Food Centre, and Annapurna Milks.
  • Feta Cheese – It is a Greek Feta made from pure cow’s milk which goes well with Salads, sandwiches, Quiches and Tarts. It comes in 250 gms packets with a shelf life of 6 months, it is to be stored under 4 degrees. It is being used by Hotel Fairfield by Marriott, Lakuri Café, God Fathers Pizza, Chimes Restaurant and many more.
  • Cheese Slice – It is an Orange coloured Cheddar based cheese slice. It is a 15 gram slice with 51 slices per packet and 16 of such packets in a box. It comes with a shelf life of 9 months and must be stored un 4 degrees chilled condition. It can be used in sandwiches, burgers and many more. It is being used by AT Burger, Chimes Restaurant, Steaming Pitcher, United Academy, Paudel Bakery, Fridays, Pangra Express and many more.
  • Natural Cheddar Cheese – It is a pure cow’s milk product which is aged over a period of a few months to give it a smoky cheddar flavour. It comes in 1 kg packing with 12 kgs in a box and a shelf life of 9 months. It is being used by G café, Pizza Inn, Hotel Yak and Yeti and many more.

D’lecta as a brand has focused on quality over all other factors due to which it has made a niche for itself among customers in Nepal. It has always focused on making unique products unlike competition.

Cheese also have some of the major health benefits (not all- specific type) like, cheese is a very good source of calcium, it has nutrition which are required by the bones, it can also be a great help for wound healing and also helps in normalizing the blood pressure. The cheese available with us at Sarawagi group is from the premium brand D’lecta and the varieties we offer are: feta cheese, processed cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and also cream cheese.

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