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Dough Conditioner- All you Need to Know about It.

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June 4, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group
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Dough Conditioner- All you Need to Know about It.

Ever wondered what makes the texture of the breads, loafs, buns or Pizza base so crusty, crispy and yet soft from inside? No? Like the soft part of the bread? Want to know what makes it so soft?  Here is the answer – Dough conditioner. A dough conditioner is an additional ingredient apart from yeast, flour or waterwhich is required in the dough to increase the strength of the texture, increase the product quality, ensure consistency and add to the shelf life of the products. It also helps reducing proofing time in the bread, this helps the baker to process batches with reduced lead time. It has been a major help to the very fast paced and a very high-volume bread manufacturing company. The dough conditioners are generally made up of palm derived emulsifiers, enzymes, Malt Extarct, yeast nutrients, oxidants, and many other agents. The basic application and benefits of the dough conditioners are: 

  1. It helps in reducing the proofing time 
  2. Dough easier to process/handle 
  3. Reduce shrinkage
  4. Give perfect crust texture & color
  5. Consistent results every time
  6. No need for adding sugar or salt to your recipe, as it is a mix that has everything combined together accurately

The Dough conditioner that is used by the most of the bread manufacturers in Nepal is the Swissbake PZ-50 dough conditioner. Swissbake is an Indian company which is originated from Switzerland and all their recipes are formulated in Switzerland, they manufacture in Kanpur, India. The products of Swissbake are imported and Distributed by Sarawagi group Nepal. Swissbake PZ-50 is an advanced powdered dough conditioner made from ingredients like palm derived emulsifiers, sweet milk whey, and latest enzymes. It makes the dough more stretchable and easier to work with. This formulation is specially made for use in the preparation of Pizza crusts, Tortillas, piecrust and calzones.  

It is easily available in Sarawagi Group, Balkhu.  The primary size of this dough conditioner is 1 kg and the shelf life of this dough conditioner is 9 months.  the addition of the quantity of dough conditioner mix is generally from 0.5-5.0% and generally depends of the flour weight. Due to the lack of proper gluten development in high fiber bread and whole wheat, they require a little higher dosage if this conditioner, it also helps in the better dough handling propertiesThis is what dough conditioner helps in, so now when you eat makes sure to remember the facts behind your favorite foods.  

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