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Food additives
October 8, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group
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Do you like your food plain or a bit spicy? Do you like your cotton candy plain white or colorful? You would never prefer a half rotten apple over a freshly harvested dark red one.

We all have heard and experienced that ‘A man eats with his eyes’. Definitely we like our food fresh and eye appealing.

Food additives are anything edible added during productions, processing, treatment, packaging, transportation or storage of a food in order to enhance its appearance and flavour, nutritive value, shelf life. Food additives are also used in order to preserve or increase the shelf life. For e.g. we add and blend artificial food color (red) and flavour while preparing strawberry flavoured popsicle.

Merits of using a food additive is as mentioned below:

  • Improves/maintains nutritive value of food.
  • Extends shelf life of a food products.
  • Food can be lowered in calories
  • Food stays fresh for a longer time
  • Reduces spoilage
  • Increase in availability of a particular food throughout the year

Dosage and usage vary with the types of food additives and the types of food in which it is being used.

Most common food additives used are MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG), various food colors and flavours, sodium nitrite, guar gum, artificial sweeteners, Sodium Benzoate, yeast extracts and many more.

Sarawagi Groups, Nepal deals with the supply and delivery of large number and varieties of food additives such as artificial colors, artificial flavours, MSG, etc.

Range of food additives are available with us at Sarawagi group, please visit us at www.sarawagigroup.com.np or dial in our helpline number: +9779802069589 for more details.

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