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October 20, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group


We all love our food more attractive and eye appealing. We believe our kiwi flavored ice-cream is light green in color. Would you accept a vendor selling you white color ice-cream and calling it kiwi flavored? Definitely no. Do you think the vendor pours a 100% natural kiwi flavor in your ice-cream cone? No way, that’ll be more expensive. So, what makes it less expensive yet full of flavor? Ever heard about food additives?

Food additives include substances that improves the flavor and color of food products. Food color is defined as any dye, pigment or substances that imparts color when added to the food or drinks. Food coloring can be used in both industrial processing and domestic cooking. Food colorants can also be used in non-food applications such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, home craft and medical devices.

These dye or pigments are also widely used in pharmaceuticals. Most common pharmaceutical colors are blue, pink, green, yellow, white and brown. Pharmaceutical color manufacturers use colors made up of natural and synthetic substances. These colors are used in order to impart organoleptic properties or for technical purposes.

Food colors can be found in paste, gel, liquid and powder forms.

Almost all of the colors are used in various food products manufacturing. Some of the common food colors are erythrosine, tartrazine, sunset yellow, amaranth, Allura red, quinoline yellow, brilliant blue and indigo carmine.

Erythrosine supra and sunset yellow supra are the most used food colors with wide range of usage. It is generally used in sweets such as candies and popsicles. It is also used in bakery for cake-decorating gels. Also used to color pistachio cells. As a food additive, it has the E number E127. It is also known as Red no.3. Sunset yellow provides a pleasing yellow color when used in food, cosmetics, drugs, etc. It is used in coloring various foods such as snack foods, cereals, gelatin, beverages, baked goods, sauces, dessert powder.

Erythrosine supra, besides from food additive can be used for other purpose as well, which included,

  • Printing ink
  • Biological stain
  • Dental plaque disclosing agent
  • Radiopaque medium
  • Visible light photo redox catalyst

Sarawagi group is the top most company that supplies food color importing from various companies from various countries. Some of the brand of food color available at Sarawagi groups are International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), Narmada, Vesco, Raj, Trishul, etc. These food colors comes in various packaging including glass bottles, plastic bottles or plastic pouch, varies from 100gm, 250G, 500gm TO 1LTRS packs.

For more details about the food additives available at Sarawagi Groups please visit our website: or contact our helpline number: +977 9802069589.

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