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Idli, Dosa and Medu Wada are South Indian delicacies famous the world over. They are liked by all, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, be it in the form of extra cheese dosa or malga podi idli or schezwan masala dosa. The key ingredient in all of these is rice and lentils (Urad Dal), which is soaked in water (for 4-5 hours), and then grinded together to form a thick batter, which is later fermented (7-8 hours) into a fluffy batter. This long process is reduced to a 5-minute process of mixing Davars (Idli / Dosa or Medu Wada mix) with water and then the product is ready to be cooked and served.

The major health benefits that is provided by idli premixes are:

  • It provides proteins and carbohydrates and is steamed that is healthy as it is not fried.
  • Saves time in the entire long process of fermentation for creating a homemade or self-made batter.
  • As it is easy to make, it helps you avoiding junk food and switch to healthy ones.

Whether it is an occasion or regular meal or serve from a restaurant these easy to make premix for idly/dosa and medu vada, you need to just follow few steps from the instructions and prepare the healthy and delightful products and serve it in the table. Idli is a very famous breakfast for health enhancement as it steamed and does not contain any oil or fried element and is very rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

The products are imported by Sarawagi Group Nepal and they come in 1 kg packaging in a 25 kgs bag with a shelf life of 12 months. They can be stored in ambient condition and are manufactured by Tropilite Foods in Gwalior. Generally, while preparing batter out of these mixes only additional water a pinch of salt and a pinch of oil is required. The remaining premix powder can easily be stored in an airtight box and kept it in a cool area with room temperature and can be used to make the idli’s again anytime.

Have you ever wondered how does your famous restaurants and hotels provides these dishes so quickly at your table? This is due to these premixes available in the market. The Davar premix imported and distributed by Sarawagi Group Nepal. Idli, Dosa and Medu Wada premix is a ready to make very healthy mixture to make idly immediately.

Some of our top customers for these premixes are:

  • Hotel Aloft
  • Hotel Radisson
  • Hotel Shangrila
  • Sulav Consumer Cooperative Store, Pokhara
  • Swastik Sweets (Bhikharam)

The Idli premix powder by Davars is available at Sarawagi Group.

Customers can contact us at our helpline +977-9802069589 or visit our website to find out more.

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