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Milke Dairy Creamer

October 12, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group
Categories: Dairy Industry

Milke Dairy Creamer

Milke Dairy creamer, also known as tea whiteners or coffee whiteners, is a liquid dairy products intended to substitute milk or cream as an additive to tea, coffee, hot chocolate or other beverages.

We here at Sarawagi group supply a high quality dairy dreamer from a Indian company named as D’lecta. The product is Milke Dairy creamer. It is a small pack of 7ml liquid which is made from pure cow milk. It contains no preservatives. This product is UHT treated and aseptically packed for a longer shelf life. It is very easy to use, just tear, open and pour. It has a great taste that is consistent every time. The packaging is very hygienic and convenient i.e. easy to use anywhere and anytime. It is very economic with portion control and with no wastage.

It is very convenient for hotels, airlines, hospitals and coffee shops to serve a 7ml dairy creamer instead of serve fresh milk which makes it tedious to serve.

It comes in a small 7ml pack with 400pcs in a carton with 6 months of shelf life.

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