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Morde Dark Compound Chocolate

July 17, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group
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Morde Dark Compound Chocolate

Have you tried orange colour and flavoured chocolates? What About pista flavoured and coloured chocolate? Did you know the best of your favourite chocolate truffle cakes are made with Morde Compounds. The Morde compound melts in the mouth and not in the hands!! Morde Compound chocolate is a product made from a combination of cocoa, vegetable fat and sweeteners. It is an alternative option for chocolate as chocolate is natural and is made by the combination of pure cocoa, cocoa butter and many more pure ingredients however the compound makes the difference as it is made by adding vegetable oil like hydrogenated palm kernel oil or palm oil in it in place of cocoa butter, which makes it cheaper in price and a lot more diverse.

Advantages of Compounds by Morde:

  • Allows different variety of flavours and colours in compounds
  • Does not need to be tempered, rather it can be melted in a microwave directly.
  • Provides flexibility in product handling
  • Economical as compared to Chocolate

There are diverse types of compounds that are available from Morde like:

  • White compound
  • Dark compound
  • Milk compound
  • Flavored compounds
  • Compound based chips

The flavored compound includes different flavored compounds like strawberry, mango, pistachio, orange etc.  The compounds make it much easier for the melting process as it has vegetable oil which melts easily, however in case of chocolate melting process takes time and has to be tempered.

These compounds come in 500 gms packing in a 10 kgs box with a shelf life of 12 months. The flavoured compounds have a shelf life of 9 months with the same packing size.

Along with the compounds we also have compound chips that is used for the decoration of the bakery items or used for baking the items. The different types of compound chips available with us are white, dark, milk and twin compound chips. They come in packing of 200 gms, 500 gms and 10 kgs loose packing with a shelf life of 12 months. Twin compound chips are a combination of dark and white compound chips with half of it being brown and the other half being white.

The manufacturers prefer making compounds over chocolates due to the difference in price and likewise the customers prefer buying compounds over chocolates due to the price. However, the compound has a good shelf life of 12 months with the primary packaging of 500 gms. These compounds are used for the coatings for the chocolate or low budget or rate ice-cream bars to avoid making the product expensive. The Morde compound needs to be microwaved melt it easily. It can also be used for various bakery items or to ganache or coat the chocolates and other bakery products.  The Morde compound is also used by the home bakers, to process their daily orders or big orders where they need to supply the group of chocolates into different boxes for various occasions as compounds makes their work and supply effective and efficient.

Typical recipe for ganache is 1:1, so 1 kg of Dark compound for 1 kg of cooking cream, this gives the best result, if someone wants a thicker ganache they can increase the proportion of dark compound upto 1.5:1 or 2:1. Some customers freeze the ganache while some leave it to set in room temperature, it depends mostly on the customer what they prefer to do.

Below are more details on the products:

  • Dark Compound D15 – It is a commercial version of compound which gives a dark colour and has a great shine. It is also available in 2,5 kgs callots / coins which is preferred by customers who need it for ganache since it melts evenly.
  • Dark Compound D16 – It is a premium version of D15 and has a lighter colour with a better shine, stability and mouthfeel.
  • White Compound W33 – It is an economical white compound which is used by the premium and commercial customers alike.
  • Milk Compound M28 – It is a standard version of milk compound; some customers prefer mixing dark and white compound to bring out the milk flavour.

Morde compounds are also considered vegan since they have very low trace of milk or milk substances.

Some of our top customers for Morde compounds are:

European bakery, Hermann Helmers Bakery Café, Himalayan Java, Taja Bakery, Hotel Marriott, Hotel Yak and Yeti, Hotel Annapurna, Columbus Chocolates, Nana Yala Chan (Nana’s Delight), Dragon Bakery, Live Bakery, Divyas Cakes Bhaktapur, Julies Cakes, Grannyz Bakery, Dotel Dairy, National Icecream (Azzabko), Martins Icecream (Shakti Foods), Sangam icecream (Snow Fun).

The Morde compound is available at Sarawagi Group – Nepal, which is one of the largest importers and manufacturers of bakery and beverage related industries and bakeries (for more details please visit:

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