PASTRY CREAM POWDER | So Simple Even Your Kids Make it. (Nepal)

PASTRY CREAM POWDER – So Simple Even Your Kids Make

Pastry Cream Powder
May 21, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group
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PASTRY CREAM POWDER – So Simple Even Your Kids Make

Pastry Cream Powder :- Love the creamy texture you get in the doughnuts? Love the creamy filling in the tarts? The secret of this creaminess is pastry cream. A pastry cream or Crème Patisserie is one of the most essential part for the pastry making. If you love to bake and make desserts you definitely need to learn the skill of making the pastry cream.  The pastry cream generally is a super creamy, rich, smooth and delicious custard like texture which is thickened using the eggs and starch. It is said to be the soul of many desserts as it adds the needed creaminess in them and makes them the perfect mouth melting desserts.

The perfect recipe for the creamy pastry cream or Crème patisserie:

Ingredients required: 3 egg yolks, 20gm flour, 80gm caster sugar, 300 ml of milk and 1 table spoon of vanilla essence.

The process:

  • in a pan heat the milk by adding vanilla essence to it, heat until it boils.
  • In another bowl whisk the egg yolks and sugar until the color pales and add the flour, whisk to combine them all together.
  • Slowly pour the boiled milk mixed with vanilla essence in the flour, yolk and sugar mixture and whisk it well
  • Empty the entire mixture in a pan and heat until it boils completely, keep whisking it until then.
  • Pour them into a clean bowl and use it; it can be used until 3 days.

These pastry cream can perfectly use to fill the chocolate eclairs, filling for fruit tarts, filling or layering of cakes or pastries, to make the creamy puffs or used as doughnut fillings or also can be used to make the creamy vanilla or chocolate puddings.

Alternately, one can also use RAJ Custard Powder to make an egg free recipe for pastry cream powder. For more detail on bread premixes, decor and improvers please visit us at:

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