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tutty frutty in nepal
January 29, 2021 Author: Sarawagi Group
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Tutty-frutty is a colorful confectionary which contains various chopped and candied fruits. This could also be artificial or natural flavoring simulating the joint flavor of various fruits. Fruits that are used for making tutty-frutty includes cherry, raisins and pineapple.

Tutty-frutty is a tasty, colorful and chewy confectionery which is generally used in cake making and desserts. Kids love tutty-frutty and it can be added to any food, be it ice-cream or buns, sweet pans or sundaes.

In Nepal, tutty-frutty generally means candied raw papaya, which are in small cubical pieces, often brightly colored. The most commonly available colors are in red, yellow and green. These are confectionery which can be used in various bakery products, including cake, dilkush, buns, cookies, milk-breads, etc. It can also be used in cold deserts as topping for ice-cream and sundaes and also used widely in pans.

This confectionery is easily available at Sarawagi groups, Balkhu. It is available in 3 different color/flavors under Raj Brand. Also manufactured in Nepal by TAPP. It is available in both individual color as well as mixed color packs. It can be easily stored in refrigerator after being opened and used again when necessary. It is the home product of Sarawagi groups (TAPP). Widely accepted by most of the bakeries in Kathmandu and outside Kathmandu valley as well.

The prices and other details of tutty-frutty can be availed from +977-9802069589, drop in a text over whatsapp or viber to find out more.  For the detailed information of these products please visit our website: www.sarawagigroup.com.np

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