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Victoria Instant Yeast

January 29, 2021 Author: Sarawagi Group

Victoria Instant Yeast

For optimum baking results, a baker requires yeast with stable and high fermentation capacity. Baker must be able to obtain consistent proofing-time from one batch to other. Now this is where Bruggeman stands to be the kind of yeast what every baker wants.

Algist continuously invests in research and gives greatest possible assurance for quality of the product. Each batch is checked in their laboratory for its activity, microbiology and conservation properties to guarantee the premium quality for all time.

Bruggeman, a natural living yeast is in a dehydrated form, due to which it does not require refrigeration during storage or transport. Also, the space needed is very limited. Bruggeman dry yeast comes in a rock-hard vacuum packing of 500 gms with a shelf life of 2 years. It makes an accurate and easy dosage is made possible.

Bruggeman dry yeast does not need to be rehydrated before using. It can directly be mixed with the flour, before any water is added.

It guarantees optimum fermentation which leads to a perfect dough development. On top of it, it also produces natural aromatic substances that provides unique flavor to the bread. Algist Bruggeman yeast is suitable for all the baking recipes and techniques.

Variety of dry yeast including Algist Bruggeman is easily available at Sarawagi Groups, Balkhu which is also widely accepted by the bakeries both inside and outside Kathmandu valley. The dry yeasts come in 500g per pack. The variety of Yeast available are: Forise high and Low Sugar, Victoria and Rekord yeast.

The prices and other details about the dry yeasts and all other products can be availed from +977-9802069589, drop in a text over WhatsApp or viber to find out more.

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