September 19, 2020 Author: Sarawagi Group


Do you love waffle? Would you like to have it on your breakfast table every day? Waffle is one of the most delicious variety of grid shaped pancake that has taken popularity across the world in the past few years. It is said to be a new item in the book but has gained immense growth in terms of tasty, easy to make and healthy breakfast on the table. In terms of Nepalese market, we can see the craze for waffles by the growing numbers of waffle corners across the nation. It has gained popularity for both a good quality breakfast and a sweet, savory munching delight at any time of the day.

Although it is not very difficult to make the waffle batter at home, people still prefer buying the waffle premix as it has the right amount of ingredients that are needed to make the waffles and it helps create a very crunchy, crispy and light waffle accurately. The waffle premix is available with us at Sarawagi Group and the flavors that we offer are:

  • Crispy Waffle Mix – An economical and convenient Vanilla flavoured waffle mix which has a crispy texture. Comes in 1 kg packs with 9 months shelf life.
  • Golden Belgian Waffle Mix – A convenient Vanilla flavoured waffle mix which has a soft texture. Comes in 1 kg packs with 9 months shelf life.
  • Red Velvet Waffle Mix – A convenient red velvet flavoured waffle mix with natural beetroot derived color which also contains natural cheese powder. Comes in 1 kg packs with 9 months shelf life.
  • Brownie Waffle Mix – A convenient brownie flavoured waffle mix with cocoa powder. Comes in 1 kg packs with 9 months shelf life.

The red velvet waffle premix and the brownie waffle premix are the best of flavored premix that we offer as the red velvet premix has a perfect bright red colored texture and if served with vanilla ice-cream and whip cream it can be delightful by savoring their exotic taste in the mouth. Similarly, in case of brownie waffle premix it has a perfect combination of waffle with a slight taste of the brownie’s irresistible flavor and while served with ice-cream and few decorative it can make anyone go crazy with its mouthwatering flavor.

We also have Waffle Magic Mix and Waffle Cone Mix by Davars (Tropolite), which has a shelf life of 12 months and come in 1 kg packing. Waffle cone mix is being used by Baskin Robins in Nepal. It helps to make economical waffle ice cream cones and waffle bowl. Waffle Magix mix is a Vanilla flavoured economical mix which is being used by several customers in Nepal.

These mixes are being used by Waffle outlet, ice cream outlet, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and cafes across nepal.

Along with the waffle premixes Sarawagi Group also offer waffle cone premix in Red velvet and Vanilla flavor which is mostly used by the ice-cream parlors to serve the ice-cream in these delicious designed cones making the customers go greedy with the crunchiness and flavor of the cone.

So, in order to enjoy these delicious desserts or to order these premixes please contact us at our helpline +977-9802069589 or visit our website www.sarawagigroup.com.np to find out more.

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