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Corn Patty Sliders

Corn Patty Sliders Image

Corn Patty Sliders


Garlic Chilli Spread 2 tbsp
Cup Corn 1/2
Potatoes (boiled) 3-4 medium sized
Fresh coriander 1 tbsp
Olive oil 1 tsp
Sandwich bread 8 slices
Veeba Thousand Island Spread as required
Lettuce a small bulb
Tomato 1 medium sized
Onion 1 medium sized
Process: Step 1: In a mixing bowl add corn, boiled and mashed potatoes, Veeba garlic chilli spread and fresh coriander Step 2: Give it a nice mix and bring the mixture together and then Shape into mini patties Step 3: Grill using minimum oil on both the sides until golden brown Step 4: For making instant home made slider buns, take sandwich bread ; using a cookie cutter or a lid cut into the patty sized roundels Step 5: Toast onto a pan until golden brown ; crisp from both the sides Step 6: Take a slider bun & apply Veeba Thousand island spread on it Step 7: Place some lettuce, then the corn patty, top with Veeba Thousand island spread, tomtoes and onion slices Step 8: Top and finish with another toasted bun Step 9: Serve hot with Veeba Thousand island spread

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